Eliana Pinto: A journey from Aveiro to London

Eliana Pinto is from Aveiro, a city also known as the “Venice of Portugal”. Aveiro, located in the north of the country, is home to beautiful canals, gondola-looking boats, museums and delicious wine. But the 37-year-old has never felt like she truly belonged there.

When Eliana was younger, she decided to move to Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, to study philosophy. At the time, the country was unstable and Eliana grew up knowing that, eventually, she would need to leave.

For her, moving to London was like finding a bigger, more diverse Porto. The main reason why Eliana chose London was to learn the language, but she soon realised that her English was good enough to start working. In May 2014, Eliana took on a job as an assistant in the school where she now works as a teacher.

Eliana’s dream is to stay in London, progress in her career and maybe one day go back to studying – one of her biggest passions.

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