António Teixeira: The founder of London’s Portuguese nightlife

It was 1971 when António Teixeira first arrived in London. Originally from the Portuguese island of Madeira, António moved to the city in search of a better life.

Before settling in London, António – also known as Tex – lived in Cape Town, South Africa, for over 12 years. During his time in Cape Town, António worked as a stuntman, a wrestler and a nightclub bouncer.

Without knowing, his job as a bouncer would shape the rest of his life. When António moved to London, his professional experience allowed him to open businesses across the city, particularly in areas like Stockwell – where the Portuguese-speaking community was concentrated.

Farol, Vasco da Gama and the well-known Britannia are just some of the London-based bars opened by António. These were the first successful Portuguese-owned bars in the city, attracting visitors all year round.

His businesses made him famous, not only among the Portuguese community but also among British people. Throughout his life, António has also met many Portuguese celebrities, including pop star Marco Paulo and TV presenter Fernando Mendes.

Now retired, António doesn’t see himself living anywhere else. Stockwell became his home away from home.

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