Carolina Mesquita: “I love Lisbon but I needed to do something different”

Born and raised in Lisbon, 26-year-old Carolina loves her city. But London has always been her second love. At age 17, Carolina visited England’s capital for the first time but it wasn’t until 2015 that she was able to move.

As a business graduate, Carolina worked for two Portuguese start-ups for a few years. But due to financial instability, the last company where she worked shut down and Carolina was finally able to try her luck in the UK.

As someone who is part of the LGBTQ community, Carolina saw London as an opportunity to be her true self – without being judged by society.

“I don’t really enjoy the craziness of the city, but I like the opportunity that each person can have to find their own London.”

Currently, Carolina works at LOVESPACE, a storage start-up picking up and delivering boxes across the UK. And during her spare time, she enjoys photographing the city and those who live in it.

For now, Carolina wants to keep on learning and travelling. And maybe, one day, take her skills back to Portugal – where she hopes to start her own business.

You can find out more about Carolina by visiting her website

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