Duarte Mendonça: The Portuguese journalist working at CNN

Duarte Mendonça comes from a family of artists. His granddad, José Viana, was a famous Portuguese actor and his mum, Maria Viana, is a well known jazz singer. Duarte’s dad also works in the music industry.

His artistic roots – and his passion for communication – are the reason why the 31-year-old chose journalism as a career. After his studies at Lisbon’s Catholic University, Duarte applied for an internship at CNN in London. Needless to say that he got the job!

Photos in the video: Archive of Duarte Mendonça

Six years down the line and Duarte still works for the news network. During his time at CNN, Duarte has had the opportunity to interview football start David Luiz, former New Zealand rugby union player Richie McCaw, and many others.

“When I came to CNN some people would tease saying ‘the Portuguese are a bit lazy’ (…) but they are not. They work a lot, they give everything, (…) they are here because they have a purpose, they have a reason, they are giving all that they can give to be good at what they do.”

Even though living away from family and friends is hard, Duarte does not see going back to Portugal as an option. His job at CNN is fulfilling – and he hopes to carry on enjoying the best London has to offer.

You can find out more about Duarte Mendonça by following him on Twitter

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