Joana Jesus: London’s Portuguese video blogger

Seven years ago, Joana Jesus left Lisbon, Portugal’s sun-drenched capital, and moved to London. Since then, the 30-year-old has been involved in a handful of projects – from developing her own curriculum module to starting a YouTube channel.

Currently, Joana works in a marketing webinar platform – where she helps customers organise successful events. But Joana’s full-time job is only one of the many things she does.

“Before I came to England, I thought I knew exactly where I wanted to go in my life, I had all my projects… and then everything faded away when I decided to get out of that comfort zone and start something new.”

So far, she has worked on a documentary, launched a women’s group and, more recently, started a vlogging project – Casa da Joana.

The YouTube channel, which already has over 500 subscribers, is an insight into Joana’s journey. In the weekly videos, Joana talks about her successes, fears, limitations and lifestyle.

Additionally, Joana’s degrees in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies inspired her to start Cidadãos do Mundo, an interactive school module which introduces students to world issues, such as conflict resolution and peace.

Even though Joana is involved in many different projects, she tries to have a balanced lifestyle. She lives with her husband, João Jesus, and owns a pet pigeon – who walks around the house and, as Joana describes it, is “a great companion”.

Watch our interview with Joana’s husband, a Portuguese musician in London, here.

You can find out more about Joana by liking her Facebook page, subscribing to her YouTube channel or following her on Twitter.

PS: On Friday, Little Portugal will also share Joana’s husband’s story. Stay tuned!

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