João Jesus: Portuguese musician thrives in London

In 2005, João Jesus moved to London simply because he wanted “to make music”. Originally from Lisbon, the 31-year-old singer and songwriter has produced two albums so far – the second one was released this month. 

The Portuguese musician believes that the music scene has changed since he first arrived in the English capital – particularly due to the economic recession. This means João is still trying to find his place in the industry.

João’s music is a mix of reggae, hip hop, rock and soul –  but he also tries to mix modern elements, including electronic music. According to João, his first album, The Message, was about “sorting out the problems that exist in the world”.

Using his own studio, João has produced his second album, Higher Purpose, which he is promoting through social media and other platforms.

“Higher Purpose is life, life is the highest purpose, without life, I mean, it is just rocks. So, [the album] is about each one of us finding the purpose that we have, the calling that we have.”

Even though João sees himself living in Portugal in the future, his priority is to keep on creating music. And if he has to do it under the rain, so be it.

Watch our interview with João’s wife, Portuguese video blogger Joana Jesus, here.

You can find out more about João music by visiting his website, liking him on Facebook, following him on Twitter or on Instagram.

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