Rui Daniel Jaime: What motivates him to succeed and push on?

“We must all either wear out or rust out. My choice is to wear out.”

Rui Daniel Jaime was born in Portugal’s capital Lisbon. But his heart, and roots, are in Angola, a country in southern Africa. Currently, the award-winning student lives in London, where he has been involved in different life-changing projects. Through a series of photographs, Rui tells us about his entrepreneurial ventures, his passion for American Football, and what motivates him to succeed.

Image credit: Carolina Mesquita

What are your passions?

Entrepreneurship is by far my favourite. I like the process of thinking about something, and turning it into reality. It is one of the few fields where you have a huge degree of freedom. Not having my mobility comprised is one of my core values in life.

Image credit: Carolina Mesquita

When did you start playing American football and what do you like about it?

I started playing football in the second year of my university degree. I see many parallels between American Football and life. In order to have a successful team, there needs to be unity over self. We must have clarity of the goal that we are trying to achieve, and constantly strive to achieve it as a unit. I love the discipline that comes from the sport. There is a huge focus on effort. As long as you deeply know that you have given your best, then the rest will take care of itself. It is also an incredible character building sport. The resiliency that you develop through the program, becomes imprinted in your psyche. Everything that we learn in that sport becomes a way of life.

Image credit: Carolina Mesquita

How do you fit sport in a busy schedule like yours?

It comes down to priorities. People make time for things that they really want.

Image credit: Carolina Mesquita

How does sport help you in your daily life?

All the lessons and experiences I have had are simply translated to my entrepreneurial life. Whether is to understand that in order to accomplish something great you need time and commitment, or to understand that if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail.

You can find out more about Rui by following him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

In a few weeks, we will share a video interview with Rui. Stay tuned!

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