Inês Sequeira: The Portuguese scientist in London

As a child, Inês Sequeira was inspired by her mother, a former school teacher, to explore and discover the world of science. Decades on, the kid who used to love playing with microscopes is now working at a globally-recognised research centre in London.

Born in the northern Alentejan district of Portalegre, Inês first left Portugal in 2003. Since then, she has lived in Brussels, Paris – where she completed her masters and studied for a PhD – and, currently, lives in the English capital.

Led by Professor Fiona Watt, Inês works at the Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine – where she tries to understand how stem cells behave in a normal environment, and how they turn into cancer cells.

“I think we all need role models, women and men, and that’s why I’m quite engaged in going to schools, talking about science to the kids and showing them that being a scientist is not this nerd person in the lab that does not know how to socialise.”

Even though Brexit might have a negative impact on the scientific community, Inês will stay in London until the end of her current project and keep on networking with scientists working in similar subject areas.

You can find out more about Inês by visiting her website

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