Pride 2017: Portuguese-speakers join biggest ever LGBT+ march

“I love Pride, it is so important, it has too many values that we have to support.” –  Mariana Morais

Thousands of people have joined the annual Pride in London parade. The event, now in its 45th year, started at Portland Place and ended at Whitehall. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Olympic diver Tom Daley were some of the celebrities who joined in the celebrations. But there were also Portuguese-speakers among the crowd. These are their stories.

Mariana Morais and her friends, who all work as chefs, have been living in London for two years. Originally from Brazil, the 26-year-old describes the LGBT+ march in her home country as “louder”, but admits the “values are the same”.

“Pride is important because we have to fight for our rights, we still have to struggle a lot.” – Mariana Morais

Mariana Morais (middle) and her friends react to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. Image credit: Catarina Demony

“We have discrimination every day and in every place we go so we have to support this type of events.” – Mariana Morais

Mariana Morais (middle) and her friends. Image credit: Catarina Demony

Holding the Brazilian flag next to one of Trafalgar Square’s main fountains was 24-year-old João Brito. Even though this was his first ever Pride event, he is already planning on coming back next year.

“I came to Pride because in my country it is not really accepted to be gay, it is very touching to be here, I am loving it.” – João Brito

João Brito explained that Pride in Brazil takes place in “just one street” while in London it happens in the “entire city”.  Image credit: Catarina Demony

“The people are really cool and everyone is smiling and happy. It is really beautiful.” – João Brito

Also from Brazil, Alli Oliveira and her friend have been living in the English capital for seven years. They came to Pride with a group of friends and confessed that the best thing about the festival is the “people”.

Alli’s friend, who was born in the city of Portalegre, admitted that she “never wanted to come” to Pride. She explained: “It is not because I am not proud of being gay.” However, experiencing the event first-hand has changed her mind.

Alli (right) and her friend. Image credit: Catarina Demony

“It is about the friends. Obviously, it is nice to see all of Pride but it is more about the people you are with.” – Alli’s friend

You can find out more about Pride in London here

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