Anderson Brito: Brazilian scientist breaks stereotypes in London

Not all scientists wear lab coats. Brazilian Anderson Brito is a perfect example. The 31-year-old, who moved to London to do a PhD at Imperial College, studies how molecular interaction changes over time – all using a computer.

As the first one in his family to go to university, Anderson has always dreamed of living abroad. When the opportunity to move finally came, Anderson, who also has a passion for wildlife, decided to make the best of it.

He is the Executive Director of ABEP-UK, an organisation that promotes networking among Brazilians students and researchers in the UK.

Somewhere in his busy schedule, Anderson also finds time to volunteer at Native Scientist, where he teaches science to children from migrant backgrounds – including Portuguese-speakers.

“By teaching them science I think we can inspire them to learn more about science or to become the scientists in the future.”

In addition, Anderson is the Vice President of the Latin American Society at Imperial College. Through this initiative, he hopes to “foster social interactions” – but also to spread the word about Latin American culture.

Anderson is full of dreams. But above all, he wants to keep on inspiring the next generation of Brazilians to explore more and – like himself – to always believe in their potential.

You can find out more about Anderson by following him on Twitter

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