João Costa: The Portuguese teacher helping others move abroad

Born in Costa da Caparica, a beach town near Lisbon, João Costa was forced to leave his home country when he found himself jobless during the financial crisis. Like João, many other teachers were left unemployed. In 2007, he decided to take matters into his own hands and moved to London, where he now works as an Assistant Headteacher.

The first few months in the English capital were “literally an adventure”, João told us. He missed his wife, Ana, and regularly wrote letters to keep her up to date on his new life in the big smoke. He said: “Every week was different, every week there was something else I achieved, little bit more money in the bank, bigger curriculum, more perspectives for our future.”

Now married and living together, they both work as teachers. João works within special educational needs and has as a mission to give pupils with behavioural problems a second opportunity. In addition, he is the founder of “How to teach in England“, a platform helping other Portuguese-speakers who want to try their luck in the UK.

“On the few moments that we have got outside work, over weekends, we have been having lots of fun on our tandem – so myself and Ana have been cycling around London.”

The couple, who are British passport holders, just bought a new flat and plan on calling London their home until they are old and grey – even if Brexit brings some challenges to their lives. He concluded: “I am happy staying where I am, no day is like the previous one.”

Are you a teacher moving abroad? This Facebook group managed by João may help you. 

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  1. Elizabete says:

    Impressionada com o serviço que presta a tantos Portugueses!
    Se alguém quiser vir para O Canadá, por favor de o meu contacto::
    Elizabete Costa, advogada
    Ou o meu cell 778.922.0263
    In victoria, British Columbia
    Muitíssimo obrigada!
    Adoraria trazer mais Portugueses para este canto tão Pacífico e com tanta oportunidade!


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