Liliana Martins: ‘Home is wherever I want to be’

Pragmatic and straightforward, Liliana works at a foreign exchange company, and is engaged to Rome-born Andrea, who she met just two years ago.

I was in a bad mood, tired from working all day, but somehow a friend convinced me to go to this house party. The moment I walked in and I saw him, I fell in love.

From listening to Lilianas stories, it shines through that she is as rational as she is confident in decision-making.


She told me: “Six months on and we were living together. Next year we are getting married in the Douro valley. He gets along with my mum better than I do.”

Similarly, with her career, she moved to Norfolk,  a county in East Anglia, to have a taster of what life in England would be like – and to make some money to pay for her degree in political science. 

Coming from a humble background, Liliana was on her own in this gamble. In Norfolk, she felt like a “foreigner, and decided to move to London.

“Everyone in London has a story, a struggle to share. Everyone has made it here somehow.”

In Portuguese , she describes herself  as desenrascada”, which translates tofixer” or hustler”.

In the future, the couple hopes to move to Switzerland, a place where they can build a family in a “peaceful and productive society”.

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