Tânia Serrano: The dating coach

Tânia is hyped and energetic, works three jobs and doesnt even drink coffee.

From planning events with the Queens cousin to bartending 12-hour shifts, she is “up for anything”. For example, she is currently coaching men on how to be more successful in dates.

Tânia 3

But events is what she is passionate about. 

She calls London her home but is moving to Bali in a few months, as she fell in love with the eventful but relaxed culture.

“I call it the sandal gang. There are loads of networking opportunities over there, but at the same time what they like the most is surfing, and having a good time.”

I asked if she sees London and Bali as extreme opposites. She replied: I want the networking it provides.

“I love London’s adrenalin. It fascinates me.”

In the future, she wants to meet as many people as she can, and go back to Lisbon to open a venue to compete with the current club monopoly which has emerged in the Portuguese capital. I want to create a space for good parties where my friends can go, in 20 years time, and not bump into 18-year olds.


I promised to meet her there one day.


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