Henrique Maia: Photographing England’s sights

Henrique has the coolest camera I have seen: an old school Yashica-mat, which he dearly named “Chica”. It draws some attention, even though we are meeting in front of a photographic institution, Calumet Photographic, a rental store, where he worked for 4 years.

Henrique 1

He currently tours the country as a commercial buildings’ photographer and has called London his home for almost 20 years, after graduating from the London College of Communication.

Has it paid out, compared to being back home, in Aveiro?

“I’m going to meet my accountant tomorrow – she will let me know if so!”, he laughs.

He later confirms it has paid out, mostly for the experience and to be able to do what he loves for a living.

Henrique 2

However, he is dreaming of a semi-flexible five-year plan to be back in Portugal, and combine surfing, with photography and guided tours.

“Maybe in Peniche (famous for its massive waves for surf), to live the good life”, he adds.


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