David Martinho: A long-term plan

As any London immigrant tale goes, David’s starts with “I wasn’t planning on staying here for long but…”.

He came for an internship but stayed for what are now eight years of a solid community, stable career and a family-to-be.

However, and diverging from other stories, the plan is to stay even longer.

“Going back to Portugal is, most likely, for retirement only.”

He appreciates London’s flexibility and opportunities as he reminisces, “I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my Sociology degree at the time!”. He likes to see what motivates and triggers people, thus working in HR, and in a competitive market, like London, companies want to retain their people.

I sense that he almost needs to defend this statement, emphasizing that he “is only a couple of hours away from Lisbon, and can keep in touch with family and friends by social media”.

Only half of his friends are Portuguese nowadays, he estimates, and partially because his fiancé is Polish. Although they speak English at home, he tries to explain untranslatable terms, such as “-inho”, to mean it’s something sweet or cute or petit.

The same distribution is expected at their wedding which, although in Portugal, “will be fuelled with 50% wine, 50% vodka”.


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