Vanessa Dinis: The Chicken Run

Vanessa has been in London for 7 years now, working in Information Security.

She couldn’t tell us more about her job, otherwise…

She promised it wasn’t for MI5, or that she was the new Jane Bond. We’ll never know.

When submitting her application, she assumed to be “punching above her weight” and was caught by surprise with the positive news. However, on the personal side, it was bittersweet: that same day, her grandfather passed away, and her family needed her.

Moreover, with her boyfriend, Hugo, things were getting serious, which made her doubt that leaving would be the right decision.

“Go!”, he said, against all of her expectations. “If we are meant to be together, eventually, we will”.

Hugo and Vanessa got married a year ago and now live together in Wapping, London .

He is a Physical Education teacher (the couple met at the gym), and in their spare time, they enjoy gathering their friends for a bit of home comfort.

Vanessa Diniz 2

The future awaits them in Portugal, as this is where they want to start a family. They haven’t planned how, but the decision is made.

“Even if it’s a bit crazy!”, Vanessa says, considering she has always planned everything. “Our friends appropriately call it the “Chicken Run”, the same as the kids’ movie”.


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