Mariana Degener: Miss Journalist

Mariana has consistently managed to juggle her career and education. At university, she regarded as important – and necessary – to hold a part-time job.

“I can’t stay put. I didn’t have a moment to waste, but invariably handled to fit in a coffee with friends.”, she specified.

In Portugal, graduating in Journalism didn’t (and doesn’t) automatically convert to a job offer, hence she steered for a Masters degree. Despite applying to one back home, and interning at a famous radio station, in just a matter of days she swapped sunbathing in the Algarve for London’s, not-as-pleasant, flat searching.

“There was little time for farewells, or to even think I’d miss it.”

Her multi-tasking skills came in handy, due to the capital’s absurd prices and, straight away, she was promoting Calvin Klein in Regent’s Street, which quickly became her favourite block.


“It was easy to make friends, since we are all on an equal footing, by sharing the same experiences.”

She looks back at what was ”a period of complete euphoria, discovery, and joy. The magic of the unknown. Of the pursuit.” She eventually settled in, balancing her investigative thesis on palm oil with hosting jazzy events for luxury brands. Sure of herself, she went on to represent Portugal in the beauty pageant Miss Global 2017.

She has now returned to Lisbon and is aiming to land a journalist job, either there or in London.

Amongst other multiple activities, we’re sure.



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