Rita Fevereiro: A journey towards openness

London changes people. It’s brutal, fast-paced, and gloomy but it’s also open, fair and honest. Rita took all of it in since moving here 6 years ago.

“I look back, at some of the things I said to my friends when I was younger and I’d never say those things now. London made me a better person, more tolerant.” she shared, when we met over tea, at a pub in her local area by Primrose Hill.

Arriving in Camden’s madness, Lisbon felt like a “village in the countryside”. She explains: “I come from a Catholic and conservative family. I wasn’t used to others questioning my religion and beliefs. It taught me to put myself in other people’s shoes, to be more curious and open-minded.”


This growth has similarly reflected in her profession. Rita came to London to do an MBA in International Business and looking to move into a Digital Marketing role.

“I was about to stop looking for jobs in London. I wasn’t having much luck and I didn’t want to stay at my sister’s house forever. She advised me to go home (to Portugal) for Easter and decide after that. She was right and, as soon as I landed, I received 4 job offers.”

Since then, she’s worked alongside “great and inspiring people, who have motivated me to do more and better and believe in myself.

Rita has now ventured as a freelancer, working as Head of B2C Marketing for an Education company, to launch a digital product.

And what’s next? “I don’t plan long-term. Things usually turn out differently, so I’d rather focus on shorter-term goals. I’m focussing on 2018” she confessed.

“Lisbon is home. It’s where I feel safe. But London gave me new perspectives and a more adventurous and fearless attitude. And I’m not ready to give up on that just yet.”




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