Maria Vermelho: The Urban Explorer

On a gloomy December day, just a stone’s throw away from the capital’s financial hub, we meet Maria Vermelho: “Home is where the beach is”, she nostalgically confesses, thinking of her Lisbon hometown.

What brings her, and keeps her, here then? She is studying for her BA in Business Administration full-time at Hult International Business School and, came to London, in her own words “looking for an adventure that would change me forever and the way I see the world”.

Maria V1

A bold statement which has been reflecting mostly in exploring London’s markets, boroughs, cuisines (“I have developed a passion for poké bowls and mozzarella sticks”), and the unavoidable party scene.

“My Spanish-Chinese flatmate and I used to go to two or three parties per week, and sometimes even two parties a day, over the weekend. I remember being shocked when once I saw two massive trays of drugs displayed at a bar like it was a buffet! I ran out of there as quickly as I could”.

Her favourite places to hang out are around Camden’s liveliness, Greenwich’s maritime vibe, and Shoreditch’s jazz bars.

“London can be intense and intimidating but after a while, it can even become warm and welcoming.”



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