João Costa: The Portuguese teacher helping others move abroad

[VIDEO] Born in Costa da Caparica, a beach town near Lisbon, João Costa was forced to leave his home country when he found himself jobless during the financial crisis. Like himself, many other teachers were left unemployed. In 2007, João took matters into his own hands and moved to London, where he now works as an Assistant Headteacher.

Fátima Veloso: The Portuguese cleaner and cosmetics lover

[VIDEO] Born in the Portuguese city of Viseu, Fátima Veloso was left with no option but to leave her country when the factory she owned closed down. In 2003, she packed her bags and moved to the UK with her 4-year-old daughter. A year later, Fátima’s husband was able to join the family in London – where they have lived ever since.

João Jesus: Portuguese musician thrives in London

[VIDEO] In 2005, João Jesus moved to London simply because he wanted “to make music”. Originally from Lisbon, the 31-year-old singer and songwriter has produced two albums so far – the second one was released this month.