Rafa Maciel: Guided tours of London with a Brazilian twist

From having his own YouTube channel to organising guided tours of London, everything Rafa Maciel does seems to involve using his communication skills to meet new people in a fun and engaging way.

Born in Rio Grade, Brazil, the 26-year-old moved to the big smoke in 2014 and now works as a tour guide. During his spare time, he takes to YouTube to video blog about his life in the city. 

With more than 29,000 subscribers and 160 videos shared, Rafa’s YouTube channel aims to spread the word about the fantastic things London has on offer.

Rafa’s videos, which are all in Portuguese, cover a range of topics, including the royal family and, of course, the weather. He also uses the platform to speak about his day to day life and his job as a tour guide.

As a guide, Rafa offers unconventional tours of London, including a walk focused on the history of rock music in the British capital.

His Portuguese-speaking tours are highly recommended on travel websites such as Trip Advisor. “It was wonderful”, one of the reviewers wrote. Another one said: “Rafa is an awesome tour guide”.

“To do what I like to do is the main point so I am really blessed.”

Rafa is thankful for the positive feedback he has received so far, explaining that the trick to success is to always make the most of what we do. He said: “There is no point at all if I am not having fun.”

You can find out more about Rafa’s work by subscribing to his YouTube channel, following him on Twitter or liking his Facebook page

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