Catarina Santos: A potential nun turned actress


Catarina Santos is a musical theatre actress and runs her own performing arts school.

All her childhood and teenage years led up to it, starting from ballet classes at age three, to acting in soap operas at age seven and being part of the schools choir and theatre group by 16.

Catarina Santos 1

Attending a Catholic school back in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, she considered being a nun but decided to study to be a kindergarten teacher instead.

Later on, she moved to London to join the American Musical Theatre Academy.

I learned all house chores through FaceTime., she said laughing, recalling moving out of her parents house for the first time.

It was looking promising for Catarina with her first breakthrough, Cinderella UK Tour. However, as an actress, even if now youre on top, tomorrow you can be on the low.

Catarina Santos 3

But Instead of settling for waitressing jobs in between gigs, she decided to open her own school. Located in Clapham, south London, it offers singing, dancing and acting lessons to toddlers all the way up to 18-year-olds.

As for the future, she said: Where do I see for myself in 10 years time? I dont even know what Im having for lunch today. Being an actress, and happy. Just like today!

“To perfect your craft without losing your essence and personality is very important to me.”

We hope she breaks a leg, as her colleagues would say.


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