Rita Maia: The Conspirateur

Rita Maia is a household face in London’s Portuguese community. She, along with José Cardoso, shine through as the most dynamic duo in town, under the trademark The Portuguese Conspiracy.

Their vision is “conquering London’s stomachs and spirits” by offering products online, curating music gigs – all beautifully presented – and also a supper club, which brings epicurean strangers together around a family-style dinner table.

“Our criteria is what we and our friends like.”

Bacalhau à brás, a typical and peculiar dish of crisps and cod, is appetizingly described as “a delicious moisty scramble of salted codfish shards, sautéed in olive oil and onions, wrapped in crisp, thin sliced fried potatoes and eggs.”

Back in March 2015, The Portuguese Conspiracy had to close down their physical store in Dalston, after the landlord decided to triple the rent. “We were open almost every day, all day long. Instead, I can now focus on special events and occasions, and I enjoy that.” Rita evokes.

Astonishingly, this doesn’t take all of her time. We met Rita at the independent café she manages, The Pillbox Kitchen, which is harboured in a trendy co-working space for tech businesses, in Bethnal Green. What is more, in a brave and no-boundaries venture, is that they are also now dedicated to an organic farm in Viseu, North of Portugal.


We are looking forward to seeing them very soon, at The Legendary Tigerman’s new album launch in May.

And we assure you this is not a sponsored article – we are just really big fans. Who isn’t, when you’re talking about great food, wine, music, and friends?

Inspired by Rita’s story? We would love you to hear from you. Get in touch here.


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